North High School’s “Class of 1961”- 50 Year Reunion

For all you North High School Reunion Revelers, here are a few of the pics I took with
my camera, the rest are being developed for the new Memory Book. Don’t know the time table on the book, but shouldn’t take too long.

Some classmates came that we’ve not seen in many years….Linda Cotton, Darrell Rich, Murray Prior, Sandy Glossip Mortimore, Bob Curran, Richard Hughes, Carol Winn Mahoney, George Drennan, Ruthie Bowser Greer, Hub Bowen, and of course the old standby’s, which would be me, Jan and Stan Bowen, Richard Hughes, Dee Dee Pryor. Buddy & Leoda, Guy, Karen, Ed & Shirley Sauer, Linda Quinton, Don Adams, and a bunch more that maybe my pea brain can’t remember. Oh Jan, I did have a pic of you too, but when you saw it you threatened me : – ) so you’ll have to wait til I can put it in the book? Hee Hee.

The night before we had a dinner at Mexicali’s, attended by 35 even Jim Drennan from ’68 and a couple from East High coming in as guests, several classmates who couldn’t attend the reunion Saturday night. Pam Mead Ragland was there and made a basket full of chocolate stars on a stick, red and grey, etc. all decorated up for “chocoholics”. There wasn’t a one left! Kuddos to Pam, we really appreciated them. Pam Bloxom, Sandra Odom were there for Mexicali only; Alva and Ivan met a few of us at Woolgrowers for dinner Thursday night so that’s the first pic attached with we five “wild, wacky, wonderful” gals who were so close. Noelene wasn’t able to come up but I’ve talked to her and she said to say hi to you all. Would’nt that have been a hoot to see her as well?

Next one is in 5 years, be ready ‘cuz it will be an event to remember, we’ve been offered a backyard for us all, only the cost of the music and food! If you have any addresses of classmates, send them to me, maybe I don’t have them. Cheers, and will send the memory book soon to those of you who were there, and the rest to the ones I have addresses for. Hugs


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