Are We Safe from the Un-Necessary Actions of the Kern County Sherriff’s Office?

Kern County Sheriff’s office is collecting very personal and irrelevant data on county residences and storing it in a networked database accessible by whom? Not that important you say? Just last Thursday JPMorgan felt their customer information was safe until a hacker attacked and has now exposed 83 million households and businesses to who-knows-what?

From the New York Times (Thursday October 2nd):
“The huge cyber attack on JPMorgan Chase that touched more than 83 million households and businesses was one of the most serious computer intrusions into an American corporation. “

So, I was asked to disclose a lot of very personal financial information the last time I tried to report a criminal activity. Why does the Kern County Sheriff’s Office need to know who my employer is? or, my social security number? or, my cell phone number? or, my birth date? Are they going to send me a birthday card at work? Remember, I haven’t committed any crime, I was just reporting one!
When I asked, I was told that the information was secure. I wondered… if some of the largest financial institutions in the world can get hacked, and places like The White House and Pentagon too, why would I think the Kern County Sheriff’s Office is a safe place to store my life altering information? With that type of information, the bad guys could takeover and ruin my life. So, is the next big hack going to be the local sheriff’s office? And, will the sheriff have to disclose to us that they have been hacked? Or, will they even know???
This is a question that we should be asking our elected officials before they are elected. Contact your county supervisor and ask them for an answer to that question.

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Are your Oildale neighbors cheating you?

Yes they are and you can do something about it!

How many times have you driven through Oildale and seen cars with paper plates, out-of-date license tags and even no plates at all? This last week I personally saw over a dozen different cars that fit that description just here in Oildale. And the funny thing is that I really don’t drive that much anymore. I thought to myself, if no one is going to enforce the licensing law, why am I worrying about licensing my car??? I could save money on my car registration, my car insurance and drive around town taking advantage of all of the benefits of having good roads without being a fool like the rest of my neighbors wasting their money. The abusers attitude: If you are willing to pay for the roads, I am willing to drive on them for free. To some, that sounds reasonable??? What they are really saying is — Who is the fool now suckers???

I just hate feeling like I am the sucker and feeling abused. I pay my car registration fees on time. Make sure I have car insurance just in case I am in an accident. I even insure my car in case I run into someone else so that they are covered too. I think the majority of people in Oildale do the same for similar reasons. So why should the others who don’t follow the law, take advantage of our doing the right thing? They shouldn’t and we shouldn’t let them. We don’t need a new law here; this is already covered in the current law. What we need is the leadership at the top to make it a priority. We cannot personally direct the sheriff or the local police to enforce the laws. We can however personally direct our elected officials to enforce the law. We don’t need better laws, what we need is better enforcement.

Contact your elected officials and let them know you are tired of free loaders living off your dollar.

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Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Tattoo Ink, Tattoo Needles, Tattoo kits Due to Microbial Contamination

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 11, 2014 – July 11, 2014- White & Blue Lion, Inc. in the City of Industry, CA is recalling all lots of tattoo Inks and tattoo needles due to pathogenic bacterial contamination. Use of these products may cause bacterial infection and can lead to sepsis, a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection. The recall includes all tattoo inks, tattoo needles, and tattoo kits distributed by White & Blue Lion including the ones specifically listed below:

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North High School’s “Class of 1961″- 50 Year Reunion

For all you North High School Reunion Revelers, here are a few of the pics I took with
my camera, the rest are being developed for the new Memory Book. Don’t know the time table on the book, but shouldn’t take too long.

Some classmates came that we’ve not seen in many years….Linda Cotton, Darrell Rich, Murray Prior, Sandy Glossip Mortimore, Bob Curran, Richard Hughes, Carol Winn Mahoney, George Drennan, Ruthie Bowser Greer, Hub Bowen, and of course the old standby’s, which would be me, Jan and Stan Bowen, Richard Hughes, Dee Dee Pryor. Buddy & Leoda, Guy, Karen, Ed & Shirley Sauer, Linda Quinton, Don Adams, and a bunch more that maybe my pea brain can’t remember. Oh Jan, I did have a pic of you too, but when you saw it you threatened me : – ) so you’ll have to wait til I can put it in the book? Hee Hee.

The night before we had a dinner at Mexicali’s, attended by 35 even Jim Drennan from ’68 and a couple from East High coming in as guests, several classmates who couldn’t attend the reunion Saturday night. Pam Mead Ragland was there and made a basket full of chocolate stars on a stick, red and grey, etc. all decorated up for “chocoholics”. There wasn’t a one left! Kuddos to Pam, we really appreciated them. Pam Bloxom, Sandra Odom were there for Mexicali only; Alva and Ivan met a few of us at Woolgrowers for dinner Thursday night so that’s the first pic attached with we five “wild, wacky, wonderful” gals who were so close. Noelene wasn’t able to come up but I’ve talked to her and she said to say hi to you all. Would’nt that have been a hoot to see her as well?

Next one is in 5 years, be ready ‘cuz it will be an event to remember, we’ve been offered a backyard for us all, only the cost of the music and food! If you have any addresses of classmates, send them to me, maybe I don’t have them. Cheers, and will send the memory book soon to those of you who were there, and the rest to the ones I have addresses for. Hugs


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An open letter to the US Postmaster General from the Citizens of Oildale, California

Dear Postmaster General,

For years the city of Bakersfield has tried to incorporate Oildale, California into the Bakersfield city limits. Not because they are particularly interested in having the Oildale residents as a part of their city, but more for the economic reason that if incorporated, the City of Bakersfield would now have the right to tax some of the largest oil fields in the state of California. Time after time the residents of Oildale have turned down giving up their history and heritage by voting not to become incorporated with Bakersfield.

It appears that the US Post Office in all of their ultimate wisdom has done to Oildale, California that the City of Bakersfield has been unable to do; that is, force Oildale, California to be recognized as a part of Bakersfield. Unlike Bodfish, California (population of maybe a 100+) or Malibu, California (know for their rich and famous), Oildale, California is no longer recognized as an independent unincorporated township, but an official part of Bakersfield… this according to the US Postal Service. Even though Oildale, California has its own world renowned post office (The Buck Owens Post Office) that visitor from around the world come to visit, if I want to send a letter to Oildale, California, the US Postal Service requires me to erroneously address it to Bakersfield, California.

Postmaster General, we would like our 100+ year-old identity back. Even though our past hasn’t been prefect, it is still our past and you shouldn’t take it away from us. Oildale, California is recognized by the Smithsonian in their display about “Hoovervilles”. It is recognized in history books for the top secret U2 spy plane plant that was disguised as a tire factory. It is recognized by the Country Western and Rock and Roll industries in song and by action for Oildale’s musician’s contribution to their music genre. Oildale, California is a place known in literature, song, movies, and history, but not at all by the US Postal Service.

We ask you to please reinstate the 93308 zip code as officially Oildale, California once again.

The Proud Citizens of Oildale, California

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Standard School District eliminates bus service for some students including kindergarteners – August – Oildale, CA

Oildale’s Standard School District parents were outraged when they discovered Standard School District’s handling of the elimination of school bus services. They were furious that the Standard School District Administration did not inform them that the school district was making changes to the school bus routing schedules to eliminate school busses for students of all ages within close proximity to the schools. Parents I talked with felt that the Standard School District Board of Trustees needed to be more focused on the safety of the school’s children and the plight of the parents trying to provide the best education possible for their children.

Standard School District Administration claims that they sent a letter at the end of last school year; but the parents I talked with claimed they never received a letter or any type of notification. The school district solution to the transitional changes in their transportation service is to have a “Straggler’s Bus” drive though the neighborhoods looking for lost children, I was told by an employee of the district, as stated in a “Welcome Back” newsletter sent out approximately two weeks before the start of the 2011-2012 school year.

This change will affect all residents and those who work in Oildale. WATCH OUT!! There will be more children on the street, including very small children, crossing some of the busiest roads like: North Chester, Manor, China Grade Loop, Norris, etc. Please share this information with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers and ask them all to watch out for the small children that will now be walking to school.

Have a comment or a question? Contact the Standard School District Administration at: 661-392-2110

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Local Parks in Oildale, California, 93308

Local Oildale Parks Maintained by… The North of the River Recreation & Park District. North of the River Recreation & Park District Website

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Oildale School Lists, Phone Numbers, and Websites

Standard School District Administrative Office 1200 North Chester Avenue Oildale, CA 93308-3594 Phone: (661) 392-2110 Highland Elementary School 2900 Barnett St Oildale, CA 93308 Phone: (661) 392-2115 Standard Elementary School 115 East Minner Ave Oildale, CA 93308 Phone: … Continue reading

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North of the River Recreation and Park District

  North of the River Recreation and Park District 405 Galaxy Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93308 (661) 392-2000 ‎

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